Two new types of image genome, Dec-97, Jan-98

New July 3, 1998: report on the Alife-VI Conference at UCLA, June 26-29.

In December 1997 I began work on a genetic language for generalized iterative functions in the complex plane. After a fruitful discussion with Ken Musgrave over the holidays I decided to add genetics for Ken's style of fractal functions, primarily based on fractional Brownian motion (fBm). In January of 1998 I integrated the two new types of "DNA" into my existing evolutionary image generating system and began to see if they could hybridize with each other and with the older genetic structure.

The genetic fractal genomes can experience mutation of complex functions, constants, and a myriad of parameters. They also engage in fractal sex, swapping subtrees in random locations, leading to compelling new forms.

Check out the genetic iterative fractals, then the genetic fractional Brownian motion images, and finally the hybrids combining the two with my earlier image genome.

Pressing on an image below will download a larger version, between about 20k and 60k.

Example genetic complex plane fractal.

Example genetic fractional Brownian motion.

Example hybrid genetic complex plane with fBm fractals.