Hybrid genetic complex plane, fractional Brownian motion, and earlier image genomes

The images below are all hybrids containing either the new genetic complex plane fractals, Ken Musgrave's fractional Brownian motion fractals, or both, hybridized with each other and earlier image genomes.

Pressing on an image below will download a larger version, between about 20k and 60k.

Ancestor... no generalized complex plane or fBm fractals

2 multifractal mutations, different cmap

1 multifractal has become x-arg of Mandelbrot set

now 3 multifractals, wrapping densely around the wall

now 4 multifractals chattering away

same, zoomed

same with mutated Otave, Lacunarity, H, and Offset

genlIter (y, fBm (y, x + 0.088)) - fractional Brownian motion supplying 2nd argument of cplx plane fractal

genlIter (y, fBm (y, x + 0.88)), where genlIter has 11 nested cplx functions

genlIter (y, HybridMF(y,x)), where genlIter is sin(tanh (sub (recip (exp (c/z)), c)))

zoomed-in region showing interplay between cplx plane fractals and fractional Brownian motion