This is an image of a Sun rising above primordial creation... the 30x40 inch IRIS print reveals complex layers of rich detail in a canyon framing the rising Sun.
In the Beginning
IRIS print on canvas, 30" x 40"
Copyright 1996 Steven Rooke

my image Hyperspace Embryo on cover of C.E.S.
Hyperspace Embryo on cover of Creative Evolutionary Systems,
Peter J. Bentley, David W. Corne, Morgan Kauffmann, 2002
I wrote the chapter on image evolution.

of extraordinary beauty and intellectual interest, known as Evolutionary Art, emerge as Steven Rooke applies principles of Darwinian evolution to breed genetic algorithms as visual forms.

With his proprietary software and large gene banks, Rooke selectively guides the aesthetic development of images through virtual eons of high speed computer simulated evolution.

The artist's process creates images that expand the horizon of the imagination and represent visual challenges for the inquisitive and appreciative mind.
Primordial Yearning
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